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I use Arch, btw.

I love Fish shell and perl, don’t @ me πŸͺ πŸ˜€.


Whenever I get a new phone, I install Nova Launcher because I like it and can change phone manufacturer and have a consistent experience.

For podcasts, I use Pocket Casts and for my desktop pc, I use gPodder.

mastodon apps

For my main account, I use Megalodon. I know it can handle multiple accounts, but much comedy can derive from this feature, so my Hastings Tides account uses the bog-standard Mastodon app.

Automated posts use cron and toot, a CLI mastodon client.



At the moment I’m driving a Pixel 6a 7a. I don’t notice it, which is the point. It’s just enough phone for just enough money. I’ll replace it when security updates stop or when I feel like it.


I am currently using a OnePlus Watch 2. There’s not much to say other the battery life makes it useable. It’s the first smart watch I’ve owned, and I am liking it. Additionaly, wafting your watch to pay for stuff is an unexpected convenience.


Lets start with Android Faithful. This show has risen from the ashes of the cancelled All About Android on the TWiT network. Same cast, same show but different bumpers. Audio rss feed and video rss feed.

Next is the Late Night Linux family of podcasts. A good no-bullshit bunch of linux related content with a mostly Anglo-Irish perspective. rss feed

Correct Opinion

0x20 is superior to 0x09

I will add to this on an ad-hoc basis, so don’t hold your breath.